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Welcome to the Linguistic Society of America's archive of eLanguage journals. Below you'll find all publications which have been a part of the eLanguage family. Please note: All journals accessible here are no longer publishing via this portal. This page is for ARCHIVE purposes only. Please see each journal's description to find out about its current status.


CONSTRUCTIONS offers a forum for linguistic research concerned with the structure, use, function, and development of 'constructions' in language and linguistics. The journal aims at a balanced integration of both notional, informal approaches to constructions in general and more formal treatments, as for example, within the framework of construction grammar. One of the long-term goals is to establish contact between researchers from various perspectives. The term 'construction' as understood in this journal is deliberately chosen to have a broad extension and not be limited to any specific definition or linguistic orientation. Constructions is not restricted to any particular language or language family, and aims at combining theoretical, empirical, and applied issues. Beginning with the 2014 issue, Constructions is now hosted at http://constructions-journal.com

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Dialogue & Discourse

Dialogue & Discourse is the first international journal dedicated exclusively to work that deals with language "beyond the single sentence", in discourse (i.e., text, monologue) and dialogue. The journal adopts an interdisciplinary perspective, accepting work from Linguistics, Computer Science, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, and other associated fields with an interest in formally, technically, empirically or experimentally rigorous approaches. We are committed to ensuring the highest editorial standards and rigorous peer-review of all submissions, while granting open access to all interested readers. To view current issues and submit new content, visit the journal at dad.uni-bielefeld.de or view the journal's main webpage.

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Journal of Historical Syntax

The aim of the Journal of Historical Syntax is to present theoretically-informed papers dealing with any aspect of historical syntax, whether diachronic change or the synchronic description of historical language states. Papers that combine philological expertise with insights from linguistic theory are particularly welcome, though no particular theory or framework will be given precedence. Now an online-only section of Language.

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Journal of Mesoamerican Languages and Linguistics

The goal of the Journal of Mesoamerican Languages and Linguistics (JMLL) is to contribute to the documentation of Mesoamerican languages, many of which are endangered, as well as to their historical, theoretical, and typological analysis. Some topics that the Editorial Board of this journal hopes to develop further, due to the dearth of relevant publications in the past, include the following: Mesoamerican sociolinguistics (with its potential for elucidating aspects related to language socialization and language endangerment), the history of Mesoamerican linguistics, and the study of indigenous sign languages (or related systems). Other topics that are encouraged include: the linguistic structure of indigenous writing systems and texts (from any time period), and possible historical relationships (whether by common descent or contact) between Mesoamerican languages and non-Mesoamerican languages - not to mention further research on the nature of Mesoamerica as a linguistic area. NO LONGER PUBLISHING NEW CONTENT.

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Linguistic Issues in Language Technology

Linguistic Issues in Language Technology (LiLT) is a new open-access journal that focusses on relationships between linguistic insights, which can prove valuable to language technology, and language technology, which can enrich linguistic research. The Editorial Board of LiLT believes that, in conjunction with machine learning and statistical techniques, deeper and more sophisticated models of language and speech are needed to make significant progress in newly emerging areas of computational language analysis. LiLT provides a forum for such work. LiLT takes an eclectic view on methodology. For current issues, please visit LiLT at the CSLI website at Stanford University.

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Teaching Linguistics

In August 2012, we became part of Language, the flagship journal of the Linguistic Society of America.

Please visit the website of the Teaching Linguistics editors, Kazuko Hiramatsu and Anne Charity Hudley at: http://www.teachinglinguistics.org

We are also on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/TeachingLinguistics) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/teachingling).

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Papers in Pragmatics

The IPrA Papers in Pragmatics, precursor of the IPrA quarterly Pragmantics, was edited by Bambi Schieffelin (New York University) and Alessandro Duranti (University of California, Los Angeles).

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Pragmatics is the peer-reviewed quarterly publication of the International Pragmatics Association (IPrA), which was established in 1986 to represent the field of linguistic pragmatics in its widest interdisciplinary sense as a functional (i.e. cognitive, social, and cultural) perspective on language and communication. Issues are published in March, June, September, and December.

The most recent issues are available to subscribing libraries (IP-access) and all of IPrA's individual members (personal log-in) at the IPrA website (http://ipra.ua.ac.be).

All Pragmatics issues are made available in open access after a 12-month embargo period, at the John Benjamins website.

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Studies in African Linguistics

Studies in African Linguistics provides a public forum within the community of African language scholars for discourse on issues of direct concern to the field of African Linguistics. Thus, the journal seeks to publish African language data and analysis that might not find a place easily or suitably in more general journals. NO LONGER PUBLISHING NEW CONTENT.

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