Vol 4, No 2 (2013)

Beyond semantics: the challenges of annotating pragmatic and discourse phenomena

Table of Contents

Are We There Yet?: The Development of a Corpus Annotated for Social Acts in Multilingual Online Discourse PDF
Jonathan T Morgan, Meghan Oxley, Emily Bender, Liyi Zhu, Varya Gracheva, Mark Zachry 1-33
Holistic Discourse Coherence Annotation for Noisy Essay Writing PDF
Jill Burstein, Joel Tetreault, Martin Chodorow 34-52
A Uniform Syntax and Discourse Structure: the Copenhagen Dependency Treebanks PDF
Daniel Hardt 53-64
Annotating the meaning of discourse connectives by looking at their translation: The translation-spotting technique PDF
Bruno Cartoni, Sandrine Zufferey, Thomas Meyer 65-86
A corpus of science journalism for analyzing writing quality PDF
Annie Louis, Ani Nenkova 87-117
Identifying "aboutness topics": two annotation experiments PDF
Philippa Cook, Felix Bildhauer 118-141
Linguistic Tests for Discourse Relations PDF
Yannick Versley, Anna Gastel 142-173
Turkish Discourse Bank: Porting a discourse annotation style to a morphologically rich language PDF
Deniz Zeyrek 174-184
Annotation of negotiation processes in joint-action dialogues PDF
Thora Tenbrink, Kathleen Eberhard, Hui Shi, Sandra Kuebler, Matthias Scheutz 185-214
Focus Triggers and Focus Types from a Corpus Perspective PDF
Arndt Riester, Stefan Baumann 215-248
Annotation upon Annotation: Adding Signalling Information to a Corpus of Discourse Relations PDF
Maite Taboada, Debopam Das 249-281
A Discriminative Analysis of Fine-Grained Semantic Relations including Presupposition: Annotation and Classification PDF
Galina Tremper, Anette Frank 282-322

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