Journal of Mesoamerican Languages and Linguistics

The goal of the Journal of Mesoamerican Languages and Linguistics (JMLL) is to contribute to the documentation of Mesoamerican languages, many of which are endangered, as well as to their historical, theoretical, and typological analysis. Some topics that the Editorial Board of this journal hopes to develop further, due to the dearth of relevant publications in the past, include the following: Mesoamerican sociolinguistics (with its potential for elucidating aspects related to language socialization and language endangerment), the history of Mesoamerican linguistics, and the study of indigenous sign languages (or related systems). Other topics that are encouraged include: the linguistic structure of indigenous writing systems and texts (from any time period), and possible historical relationships (whether by common descent or contact) between Mesoamerican languages and non-Mesoamerican languages - not to mention further research on the nature of Mesoamerica as a linguistic area.

Vol 2, No 1 (2010)

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Los nombres de los naguales en la escritura jeroglica maya: Religi y lingstica a trav de la onomtica1 PDF

ISSN: 1932-44132