Vol 7 (2012)

Treebanks and Linguistic Theory

Table of Contents


Treebanks: Linking Linguistic Theory to Computational Linguistics PDF
Anette Frank, Annie Zaenen, Erhard Hinrichs
Polish Dependency Bank PDF
Adding an Annotation Layer to the Hindi/Urdu Treebank PDF
Annette Hautli, Sebastian Sulger, Miriam Butt
Parallel Syntactic Annotation in CReST PDF
, Eric Baucom, Matthias Scheutz
Using hybrid logic for querying dependency treebanks PDF
Banking Meaning Representations from Treebanks PDF
Alistair Butler, Kei Yoshimoto
Linguistic Annotations for a Diachronic Corpus of German PDF
Erhard Hinrichs, Thomas Zastrow
Semantic Annotation for the Digital Humanities - Using Markov Logic for Annotation Consistency Control PDF
Anette Frank, , Oliver Hellwig, Nils Reiter
Frame Semantics and legal corpora annotation: theoretical and applied challenges PDF
Anderson Bertoldi, Rove Chishman
Better tags give better trees or do they? PDF
Ines Rehbein, Hagen Hischmann, , Marc Reznicek
The Meaning of Lexical Causatives in Cross-Linguistic Variation PDF
, Paola Merlo
Analyzing Parser Errors to improve parsing accuracy and to inform tree banking decisions PDF
Samar Husain, Bhasha Agrawal
Parallel Treebanking Spanish-Quechua: how and how well do they align? PDF
Annette Rios, , Martin Volk
Bulgarian-English Treebank: Design and Implementation PDF
Kiril Simov, Petya Osenova
Compositional Syntax-based Phrase-level Polarity Annotation for German PDF
Manfred Klenner, Simon Clematide, Stefanos Petrakis, Marc Luder
Detecting Semantic Ambiguity:Alternative Readings in Treebanks PDF
Kristiina Muhonen, Tanja Purtonen
Treebank Annotation in the Light of the Meaning-Text Theory PDF
Simon Mille, Leo Wanner, Alicia Burga
Bootstrapping a Persian Dependency Treebank Untitled () PDF
Mojgan Seraji, , Joakim Nivre
Bootstrapping the Development of an HPSG-based Treebank for Persian PDF
Masood Ghayoomi
A Hybrid Approach to Error Detection in a Treebank and its Impact on Manual Validation Time PDF
Rahul Agarwal, Bharat Ram Ambati, Dipti Misra Sharma

ISSN: 1945-3604