Papers in Pragmatics

The IPrA Papers in Pragmatics, precursor of the IPrA quarterly PRAGMATICS, was edited by Bambi Schieffelin (New York University) and Alessandro Duranti (University of California, Los Angeles).

Vol 4, No 1&2 (1990)

Table of Contents


On formulating reference: An interactional approach to relative clauses in English conversation PDF
Barbara A. Fox, Sandra A. Thompson
Social identity, church affiliation, and language change in Kwara'ae (Solomon Islands) PDF
Karen Ann Watson-Gegeo, David Welchman Gegeo
Yiddish v/1 declarative clauses in discourse PDF
Kenneth L. Miner
The Relation of Language to Context in Children's Speech The Role of HAFTA Statements in Structuring 3-year-old's Discourse PDF
Julie Gerhardt
WHAT HOLDS A NARRATIVE TOGETHER? The Linguistic Encoding of Episode Boundaries PDF
Michael Bamberg, Virginia Marchman

ISSN: 1018-2101