Reconciling neg-raising and NPIs in Korean

Lyn Shan Tieu, Jungmin Kang


Gajewski (2007) argues that neg-raising predicates (NRPs) introduce a set of alternatives that includes their internal negation, and trigger an excluded middle (EM) presupposition that projects through negation; he also shows that negated NRPs support anti-additive inferences, thus licensing strict NPIs. Since Korean exhibits neg-raising, we might expect licensing of strict NPIs such as amu-(N)-to, contrary to fact (Bošković, 2008). To capture this unavailability while preserving a unified account of NRPs, we propose that an even-like presupposition triggered by the emphatic particle 'to' (An, 2007) is crucially incompatible with the EM presupposition triggered by the NRPs.

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