Untangling syntactic and morphophonological effects on Brazilian Portuguese Wh-interrogatives

Livia Oushiro, Ronald Beline Mendes


From a corpus of 53 sociolinguistic interviews, this paper analyzes variation among four structures of Wh-interrogatives in Brazilian Portuguese (Onde você mora?, Onde que você mora?, Onde é que você mora?, Você mora onde? ‘Where do you live?’) and contrasts the results of multivariate analyses, focusing on two different envelopes of variation (Variable position of the wh-word and Variable que) and two factor groups (Wh-word and Syntactic function). We show that variable position of the wh-word is mostly conditioned by syntactic factors, whereas variable que is mostly conditioned by morphophonological factors.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.3765/exabs.v0i0.613