Stripping in temporal adverbial constructions

Jason Overfelt


This paper argues that phrasal Temporal Adverbial Constructions (TACs; Kim left [before Bill]) are most amenable to a Stripping-like treatment. What I refer to as TAC-Stripping is low-adjunction of a TAC containing a truncated complement, viz. an extended vP. A single remnant is A-moved to a focus position outside the elided vP (Pancheva 2009, Weir 2014).  The remainder of the paper adapts Takahashi 2008 to account for the sensitivity of TAC-Stripping to familiar constraints against embedding the antecedent or ellipsis site, which are not observed with VP-Ellipsis.


syntax-semantics; temporal adverbs; bare argument ellipsis; VP-ellipsis

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