From change to value difference

Ashwini Sharad Deo, Itamar Francez, Andrew Koontz-Garboden


Degree achievements and directed motion verbs are standardly taken to
describe events in which an individual undergoes change over time. The spatial
uses of these verbs, giving rise to what are known as their extent readings, indicate
that a temporal change based semantics is not general enough to capture their behavior.
In this paper, we introduce a further range of facts that argues for a fully
general analysis of the meaning of degree achievements and directed motion verbs
in terms of value difference rather than temporal change. These verbs are uniformly
analyzed as intensional verbs that take functional arguments and encode a difference
in the value of this argument over a contextually given ordered domain. This
analysis accounts naturally for their interaction with a range of adverbial modifiers.


Degree achievements, lexical semantics, change of state, functional readings, individual concepts, context dependence

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