Additives pitching in: L*+H signals ordered Focus alternatives

Alexander Göbel


Approaches to the meaning of intonational meaning differ in associating
each subcomponent with a meaning that remains invariant across contours (e.g.
Pierrehumbert & Hirschberg 1990) or treating a contour as contributing its meaning
holistically (e.g. Goodhue et al. 2015). This paper argues for a common core of
the L*+H pitch accent across two intonation contours, the Rise-Fall-Rise (RFR,
e.g. Ward & Hirschberg 1985), and a novel contour coined the Downscale-Contour
(DSC). Both contours are analyzed as indicating the presence of an alternative with
respect to a scale derived from the QUD, but differ in the relative strength of this
alternative, with the DSC indicating a weaker and the RFR a stronger one.

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