Cumulative readings of "every" and leaks

Keny Chatain


every surprisingly gives rise to cumulative readings (Schein 1993; Kratzer 2000). The distribution of these readings is governed by scope-related asymmetries (Champollion 2010; Haslinger & Schmitt 2018). In this work, I notice a third property of these readings: cumulative readings of every receive weaker "leaky" truth-conditions under negation, previously thought to be unattested (Bayer 2013). Exploiting this third property, I build an event semantics to deliver these "leaky readings" by default. Within this semantics, it becomes possible to account for cumulative readings of every and their properties, keeping to standard assumption about the denotation for every. I also show how the same analysis predict the scope-related asymmetries and their less studied interaction with overt movement.

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