Proceedings of the Annual Meetings on Phonology

The official proceedings of the Annual Meetings on Phonology.

2014: Proceedings of the 2013 Meeting on Phonology

Table of Contents

Editors' note

Editors' note PDF
John Kingston, Claire Moore-Cantwell, Joe Pater, Robert Staubs


Idiosyncratically Transparent Vowels in Kazakh PDF
Samuel R. Bowman, Benjamin Lokshin
Learning Phonological Mappings by Learning Strictly Local Functions PDF
Jane Chandlee, Adam Jardine
Ternary Constituents Are a Consequence of Mora Sluicing PDF
Ben Hermans, Francesc Torres-Tamarit
What is the domain for weight computation: the syllable or the interval? PDF
Aron Hirsch
Serial Markedness Reduction PDF
Gaja Jarosz
Identity Avoidance and Rendaku PDF
Shigeto Kawahara, Shin-Ichiro Sano
The Timecourse of Generalization in Phonotactic Learning PDF
Tal Linzen, Gillian Gallagher
Modeling Morphological Subgeneralizations PDF
Claire Moore-Cantwell, Robert Staubs
Emergent faithfulness to morphological and semantic heads in lexical blends PDF
Katherine E. Shaw, Andrew M. White, Elliott Moreton, Fabian Monrose
A Subsegmental Correspondence Approach to Contour Tone (Dis)Harmony Patterns PDF
Stephanie Shih, Sharon Inkelas
The nature of regressions in the acquisition of phonological grammars PDF
Anne-Michelle Tessier

Supplemental Proceedings

Valencian Hypocoristics: When Morphology Meets Phonology PDF
Eduard Artés
Kashaya Extrametricality and Formal Symmetry PDF
Eugene Buckley
Hybrid Opacity in Berbice Dutch Creole PDF
Michael Dow
Dissimilation by surface correspondence in Aghem velarized diphthongs PDF
Matthew Faytak
The Perceptual Dimensions of Sonority-Driven Epenthesis PDF
Michelle Alison Fullwood
Revisiting Phonotactic Generalizations in Australian Languages PDF
Emily Gasser, Claire Bowern
In some Languages, /s/ is a Vowel PDF
Heather Goad, Akiko Shimada
Locality Requirements in Reduplication: SyllableProximity-BR PDF
Peter Ara Guekguezian
Distinctive Features and the Liquids in Picard PDF
Ryan Hendrickson
Unifying Phonotactics and Derived Environment Blocking through Prosodic Constraint Indexation PDF
Brian Hsu
Tone-TBU Disparity in Three Phonologies of Cantonese PDF
Luca Iacoponi
Logic and the Generative Power of Autosegmental Phonology PDF
Adam Jardine
Oddities of Yidiɲ Stress Revisited PDF
Nick Kalivoda, Anya Lunden
Doubly Triggered Harmony in Laal as Subphonemic Agreement by Correspondence PDF
Florian Lionnet
Error-driven versus batch models of the acquisition of phonotactics: David defeats Goliath PDF
Giorgio Magri
Features and Recursive Structure in Phonology PDF
Kuniya Nasukawa
Morphological Markedness in an OT-Grammar: zeros and syncretism PDF
Katya Pertsova
Prosodic Word and Morphological Derivation in Brazilian Portuguese PDF
Luiz Carlos Schwindt
Morphosyntactic Structure of Phonological Words PDF
Kobey Shwayder
Vowel Epenthesis and Consonant Deletion in Japanese Loanwords from English PDF
Shinichi Shoji, Kazuko Shoji
Prototypical Predicates Have Unmarked Phonology PDF
Jennifer L. Smith
A cyclic factorial typology of Pama-Nyungan stress PDF
Juliet Stanton
An Emergent Approach to the Guttural Natural Class PDF
John Christopher Sylak-Glassman
Testing the new procedure PDF
Jessi Grieser

ISSN: 2377-3324