Suspended Affixation needs no morphological word: The suffix -(y)Ip

Furkan Atmaca


I re-evaluate the morphological word constraint for suspended affixation(SA) in Turkish (Kabak 2007). I argue that SA, as an operation, is not bound by the morphological word constraint. What is constrained is the exponent insertion and SA takes place before it. SA is a morphological ellipsis taking place in conjunctions. After suspension, conjunction peripheral affixes are interpreted for all the conjuncts. The morphological word constraint in Turkish is related to SA in verbals, and it defines the limit of suspendability for an affix. This limit is defined by Kabak to be the morphological word. What is left of the conjunct after suspension should be a morphological word, otherwise the derivation is ungrammatical. To show that this is not the case, I propose a different analysis for the suffix -(y)Ip and provide empirical points for its relation to SA.


suspended affixation, Turkish, conjoiner,

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