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Vol 4 (2019) A phonetic study of length and duration in Kyrgyz vowels Abstract   PDF
Nathaniel Ziv Stern, Jonathan North Washington
Vol 5 (2020) Abstract knowledge of emphatic reduplication in Turkish Abstract   PDF
Yılmaz Köylü
Vol 5 (2020) Acoustic properties of word and phrasal prominence in Uzbek Abstract   PDF
Angeliki Athanasopoulou, Irene Vogel, Hossep Dolatian
Vol 5 (2020) Compositional Analysis of Turkish Agent Nominalizers Abstract   PDF
Furkan Atmaca
Vol 4 (2019) Dative Arguments in Turkish: Caused Experiencers versus Applicatives Abstract   PDF
Faruk Akkuş
Vol 4 (2019) Definiteness, Structure and Agreement in Turkish Possessives Abstract   PDF
Betul Erbasi
Vol 4 (2019) Delineating Turkic non-finite verb forms by syntactic function Abstract   PDF
Jonathan North Washington, Francis Morton Tyers
Vol 4 (2019) Head Movement, Suspended Affixation, and the Turkish Clausal Spine Abstract   PDF
Kutay Serova
Vol 4 (2019) Logophoric Centers as Antecedents of NOC PRO: Evidence from Turkish Subject Infinitives Abstract   PDF
Duygu Göksu
Vol 4 (2019) Mismatched suppletion in Azeri as morphology/phonology competition Abstract   PDF
Colin Davis
Vol 5 (2020) Multi-script morphological transducers and transcribers for seven Turkic languages Abstract   PDF
Jonathan North Washington, Francis Morton Tyers, Oğuzhan Kuyrukçu
Vol 4 (2019) Potential answer readings expected, missing Abstract   PDF
Deniz Özyıldız
Vol 4 (2019) Pseudo-sluicing in Turkish: A pro-form Analysis Abstract   PDF
Bilge Palaz
Vol 5 (2020) Restrictions on genitive subjects in Kazakh relative clauses Abstract   PDF
Eszter Ótott-Kovács
Vol 5 (2020) Sakha 'da(qany)': Negative Polarity, Conjunction, and Focus Abstract   PDF
Ian L. Kirby
Vol 4 (2019) Syllable Contact and Emergent Lenition in Bashkir Abstract   PDF
Matthew Carter
Vol 5 (2020) Tackling the Augmentative Puzzle in Turkish Abstract   PDF
Utku Türk
Vol 5 (2020) The Double Duty of the Sakha "Passive" Abstract   PDF
Tamisha Lauren Tan, Niels Torben Kühlert
Vol 4 (2019) The overabundance of the perfect and the restriction of evidentiality in Standard Azerbaijani: A diachronic study of -(y)Ib and -mIş Abstract   PDF
Matthew Zaslansky
Vol 5 (2020) Towards a unified analysis of correlatives and indefinites in Balkar Abstract   PDF
Ekaterina Morgunova, Ilya Naumov
Vol 5 (2020) Turkic default agreement Abstract   PDF
Deniz Satik
Vol 5 (2020) Turkish palatalized consonants Abstract   PDF
Stefano Canalis, Furkan Dikmen
Vol 5 (2020) Vowel Harmony and Other Morphological Processes in Turkish Abstract   PDF
Eyüp Bacanlı, Darin Flynn, Amanda Pounder
Vol 5 (2020) Vowel Harmony in Trabzon Turkish Abstract   PDF
Nese Demir
Vol 5 (2020) Wh-questions in Balkar Abstract   PDF
Anastasiia Voznesenskaia
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