Information For Authors

CONSTRUCTIONS invites original, hitherto unpublished high-quality papers of any length that explicitly deal with the structure, use, and function of constructions (however defined) in language and linguistics. While there is in principle no length restriction on papers, authors should bear in mind that length should positively correlate with relevant content and quality. Given the explicit goal of Constructions to bring together research from all linguistic perspectives, submissions should be accessible for a general audience. Authors are also encouraged to consult the guidelines for reviewers, available here.

Manuscripts should be submitted as an MS Word or RTF file to The multiple blind peer reviewing process requires anonymous manuscripts. Avoid any information in the article which could reveal your identity. Authors should provide their name, address, title of the paper, and a short abstract (no more than 500 words) in their cover email. Authors are expected to follow the good academic practice of not submitting an article to several journals at a time. Publication languages are English and German.

Please keep the formatting of your submission as simple as possible; a detailed style file will be made available shortly. Please see the notes for contributors for stylistic details. Special characters should be expressed with Arial Unicode MS. Please attach any figures as separate .jpeg or similar files and indicate their approximate position in the text.

We will acknowledge receipt of your submission as soon as it reaches us. If you don’t receive any acknowledgment within a week, please re-send your submission. Referees are expected to review papers within 6 weeks, and we aim at notifying you about our final decision within 8 weeks.

Special issues: CONSTRUCTIONS also invites special issues on selected topics. Potential guest-editors are welcome to contact us informally.

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