Are We There Yet?: The Development of a Corpus Annotated for Social Acts in Multilingual Online Discourse

Jonathan T Morgan, Meghan Oxley, Emily Bender, Liyi Zhu, Varya Gracheva, Mark Zachry


We present the AAWD and AACD corpora, a collection of discussions drawn from Wikipedia talk pages and small group IRC discussions in English, Russian and Mandarin. Our datasets are annotated with labels capturing two kinds of social acts: alignment moves and authority claims. We describe these social acts, describe our annotation process, highlight challenges we encountered and strategies we employed during annotation, and present some analyses of resulting data set which illustrate the utility of our corpus and identify interactions among social acts and between participant status and social acts and in online discourse.

Full Text: PDF ISSN: 2152-9620   Journal doi: 10.5087/dad