Journal of Historical Syntax

The aim of the Journal of Historical Syntax is to present theoretically-informed papers dealing with any aspect of historical syntax, whether diachronic change or the synchronic description of historical language states. Papers that combine philological expertise with insights from linguistic theory are particularly welcome, though no particular theory or framework will be given precedence.

Important announcement - please read!

The Journal of Historical Syntax is becoming an online section of the LSA's flagship journal Language, alongside e.g. "Phonological Analysis" and "Language and Public Policy"; see for details. This change is because the eLanguage programme, of which JHS forms a part, is coming to an end at the end of 2013. As a result, the current dissemination system will be shut down at the end of 2013, with all papers that appear after that appearing via Language. Caitlin Light is joining as co-editor of the new Historical Syntax section. There are a number of practical implications of this transition, most significantly the following:

1) We are remaining an open-access journal, but articles published will not be available free of charge immediately. Instead there will be a twelve-month embargo period, after which articles will be available free on the LSA website. During those 12 months, access will be via Project MUSE and will be behind a paywall. This embargo can be skipped, for a fee of $400. There is still no fee to submit articles, nor to access them (after the embargo period).

2) The copyright agreement will not be the same as the one that we have been using up to now (based on CC-BY license), but will be a slightly different one that the LSA typically use. Crucially, however, the authors retain copyright under the new license, just as they did with the old one.

On the plus side, hopefully publishing as part of Language will lend us greater prestige and a broader audience coverage. It will also make life easier for us behind the scenes. Meanwhile, our aims, focus and reviewing policies are not changing at all.

Historical Syntax manuscripts should no longer be submitted via this website and its OJS system. Instead, to submit a paper, please email it to the LSA's editorial assistant Kerrie Merz at, stating that you wish it to be considered for the Historical Syntax section. See for more details.

Any questions? Please email George or Caitlin for answers!

Vol 2, No 4 (2013): Case transmission beyond control and the role of Person

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Case transmission beyond control and the role of Person PDF
Christina Sevdali 1-52

ISSN: 2163-6001