Linguistic Issues in Language Technology

Linguistic Issues in Language Technology (LiLT) is a new open-access journal that focusses on relationships between linguistic insights, which can prove valuable to language technology, and language technology, which can enrich linguistic research. The Editorial Board of LiLT believes that, in conjunction with machine learning and statistical techniques, deeper and more sophisticated models of language and speech are needed to make significant progress in newly emerging areas of computational language analysis. LiLT provides a forum for such work. LiLT takes an eclectic view on methodology. Submissions should be sent electronically to Annie Zaenen ( LiLT is hosted externally by CSLI Publications:

Vol 9 (2013): Perspectives on Semantic Representations for Textual Inference

Table of Contents


Intensions as Computable Functions PDF
Shalom Lappin
Synthetic Logic PDF
Alex J. Djalali
Is there a place for logic in recognizing textual entailment? PDF
Johan Bos

ISSN: 1945-3604