Information For Authors

Authors should send two copies of their paper to the IPrA Research Center (University of Antwerp, Prinsstraat 13 [S.D.222], B-2000 Antwerp, Belgium) as well as an e-version attached to a message to Ann Verhaert (ann.verhaert [at], and a brief bio-blurb with information about their prior work and current research interests.

Manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the IPrA style sheet.

By submitting an article for publication, the author grants IPrA, in case of acceptance, the exclusive right of publication in the print and online versions of its journal Pragmatics.

The author will be asked to declare that

the article is not under consideration for publication elsewhere

the article is original and has not been published in any form before

if the text contains items with third-party copyright ownership, written permission has been granted by the legal copyright holder to reproduce those items at no cost to the publisher.

Authors are allowed to archive a pre-print, manuscript version of the article in open access, but only on a personal or institutional, non-commercial, website; they are also allowed to archive, upon publication, a pdf-version of the published text, as provided by IPrA and with full references to the place of publication and a link to the IPrA website, in open access, but only on a personal or institutional, non-commercial website; they have to request permission from IPrA in writing if they wish to reproduce the article in whole or in part, except for strictly non-commercial private or institutional use in the form specified above; IPrA will not unreasonably withhold such permission if the original place of publication will be duly acknowledged.

ISSN: 1018-2101