Vol 20, No 3 (1989)

Table of Contents


Low tone raising in Hausa: a critical assessment PDF
Paul Newman, Philip J. Jaggar
The reality of Hausa "low tone raising"; a respons to Newman & Jaggar PDF
Russell G. Schuh
LTR: a reply to Schuh PDF
Paul Newman, Philip J. Jaggar
A note on Hausa plurals PDF
Donald A. Burquest
Focus and question formation in Edo PDF
Thomas O. O?mo?ruyi
Defining the domain of nasality in Edo PDF
Matt Osayaba Aikhionbare
Speech tempo, consonant deletion, and tones in Edo nouns PDF
Victor Edosa Omozuwa
A propos de l'harmonie vocalique en ?kp? PDF
G. He?rault

ISSN: 00390-3533