Reduplication in Itawes


  • Laurel MacKenzie University of Pennsylvania



This paper examines reduplication in Itawes, a language of the Philippines. In addition to providing the first overview of reduplication in this language, I examine the interactions between reduplication and three phonological processes: Vowel Laxing, Vowel Reduction, and Glottal Stop Insertion. Vowel Laxing---which laxes /i, u, e, o/ in closed syllables---and Vowel Reduction---which raises /a/ to schwa in non-primary-stressed syllables---interact with reduplication differently: Vowel Laxing shows Base–Reduplicant Identity, applying at the stem level (Inkelas and Zoll, 2005), while Vowel Reduction, applying at the word level, does not. Glottal Stop Insertion may apply at either level.

Author Biography

  • Laurel MacKenzie, University of Pennsylvania
    Graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania.