Word-final velar place assimilation in English

Lisa Lipani


In English, word-final alveolar consonants assimilate in place. Additionally, there is recent evidence that assimilation can occur in word-final nasals at all places of articulation (Coleman et al. 2016). Some anecdotal evidence exists that word-final velars can assimilate (Barry 1985), but this has not been substantiated. This study uses the Santa Barbara Corpus of American English (DuBois et al. 2000–2005) to examine word-final velar consonant variation, which was measured by the F2 transitions in the preceding vowel. Given the present data, word-final velars do not seem to undergo categorical assimilation or gradient coarticulation processes.


speech production; assimilation; coarticulation; phonological models; English

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.3765/plsa.v2i0.4071

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