Linguistics and race: An interdisciplinary approach towards an LSA statement on race

Anne H. Charity Hudley, Christine Mallinson, Mary Bucholtz, Nelson Flores, Nicole Holliday, Elaine Chun, Arthur Spears


In order to work towards greater racial justice within linguistics, the challenge remains for linguists to develop a cohesive theory of and approach to race and racial analysis in linguistics that is influenced by researchers of different methodological approaches and racial backgrounds. A formal LSA statement on race will provide linguistic researchers with a framework for studying race and will also serve as a method of intellectual and social inclusion in linguistics. We draw on interdisciplinary expertise in related fields, including psychology, sociology, anthropology, education, and ethnic studies, to examine how scholars from >neighboring disciplines have formally conceptualized and dealt with race and racial classification strategies. Points of convergence as well as divergence are articulated, drawing insights that may advance work related to race within and beyond linguistics.


sociolinguistics; linguistics; race; ethnicity; diversity; inclusion; interdisciplinarity

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