Parenthetical "I'm telling you" as a marker of private evidence


  • Brian Reese University of Minnesota
  • Hooi Ling Soh University of Minnesota



semantics, pragmatics, use-conditions, discourse particles, private evidence


We present an analysis of parenthetical uses of the English expression I'm telling you as a discourse particle, i.e., an expression that conveys information about the epistemic states of discourse participants with respect to the propositional content of an utterance (Zimmermann 2011). The analysis connects I'm telling you to other discourse particles that mark the speaker's assumptions about whether the (evidence for the) asserted proposition is shared knowledge between the speaker and addressee and whether or not the (evidence for the) proposition is ``verifiable on the spot'', e.g. German ja (Kratzer 1999, 2004), Mandarin de (Soh 2018).




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Reese, Brian, and Hooi Ling Soh. 2018. “Parenthetical ‘I’m Telling You’ As a Marker of Private Evidence”. Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America 3 (1): 62:1–13.