Begging for bags: BAG-raising and prescriptive ideologies in Spokane Washington


  • Drew Crosby University of South Carolina
  • Amanda Dalola University of South Carolina



BAG-raising, Washington State English, Pacific Northwest English, linguistic ideologies, BAG-tensing, prescriptivism, prevelar raising


Prevelar raising, the raising of /æ/ and /ɛ/ before /g/ and /ŋ/, has been noted during the last decade as a feature of Pacific Northwest English (PNWE). Previous research has focused mainly on gender and age as predictors, revealing a complex interplay that generally points to a decline in usage among younger generations. The present research reveals contradictory findings and identifies a novel category in the debate—speaker attitude towards the variable – which is found to condition itmore robustly than other established predictors.




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Crosby, Drew, and Amanda Dalola. 2020. “Begging for Bags: BAG-Raising and Prescriptive Ideologies in Spokane Washington”. Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America 5 (1): 354–368.