Correlations between island (in)sensitivity and base positions of (non-)standard wh-in-situ


  • Okgi Kim University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Seulkee Park Kyung Hee University



(non-)standard wh-in-situ, island sensitivity, base position, Noun versus Adverb Generalization


It has been well-accepted in the literature that the island (in)sensitivity of wh-in-situ falls under the so-called Noun versus Adverb Generalization (NAG), which states that an in-situ wh-phrase is island-free iff it is (or contains) a wh-nominal (Tsai 1994a,b; Stepanov & Tsai 2008; Fujii et al. 2014). However, we show that the NAG is not sufficient to explain the island behaviors of some (non-)standard in-situ wh-phrases in Korean. Alternatively, we suggest that the island (in)sensitivity of in-situ wh-phrases may correlate not with their categorial status but with their base-generated positions: specifically, we assume that an in-situ wh-phrase that is base-generated in the CP domain (Spec-CP) is island-sensitive, while an in-situ wh-phrase that is base-generated below CP/TP is island-insensitive.




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Kim, Okgi, and Seulkee Park. 2021. “Correlations Between Island (in)sensitivity and Base Positions of (non-)standard Wh-in-Situ”. Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America 6 (1): 806–814.