Using a class wiki to facilitate community and linguistic inclusivity


  • Christina Bjorndahl



pedagogy, collaborative learning, wiki, JEDI


I describe the implementation of a class wiki in an introductory linguistics class. There were two pedagogical goals: (1) facilitate asynchronous student engagement and collaborative learning; (2) provide opportunities for students to engage with various linguistic issues having to do with justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. Assessment for the wiki was done using a version of specifications grading (Nilson 2015), so that students could choose their level of engagement with the wiki. A full description of the wiki is available at, which includes detailed descriptions, learning objectives, and prompts given to students for each wiki category. The present paper focusses primarily on the pedagogical motivations, design of the pedagogical intervention, and a reflection of its effectiveness.




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Bjorndahl, Christina. 2021. “Using a Class Wiki to Facilitate Community and Linguistic Inclusivity”. Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America 6 (2): 5089.