From "Hello, World!" to Fourier transformations: Teaching linguistics undergraduates to code in ten weeks or less


  • Reed Blaylock



phonetics, speech technology, backward design, scaffolding, coding


I used Backward Design to scaffold ten weeks of assignments that taught students how to perform sine wave vowel synthesis and a Fourier transformation approximation using just a few fundamental programming concepts. This strategy gave all students, regardless of their previous programming experience, the opportunity to implement algorithms related to core concepts in phonetics and speech technology. Reflecting on the course, it seems that the coding assignments were generally well-received by students and contributed to students programming something complex and meaningful.




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Blaylock, Reed. 2021. “From ‘Hello, World!’ to Fourier Transformations: Teaching Linguistics Undergraduates to Code in Ten Weeks or Less”. Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America 6 (2): 5135.