Consonant acquisition in Lio


  • Grace B. Wivell Stony Brook University



Austronesian languages, acquisition, Lio


Lio is an understudied Austronesian language spoken in Central Flores, Indonesia by 220,000 speakers (Ethnologue, 2019), for which no acquisition research has yet been completed. In this case study, the speech of two female bilingual speakers, ages 7 and 9, were transcribed, to determine which consonants were produced in an adult-like manner by each speaker; all consonants that the children attempted were produced in an adult-like manner, excepting [ɰ] and [r]. [ɰ] is of note, as it was replaced by [j], a phoneme in the speakers’ other language, Indonesian, implying a potential influence of bilingualism. 

Author Biography

  • Grace B. Wivell, Stony Brook University
    Grace B. Wivell is a PhD Student at Stony Brook University.  Her areas of study include Austronesian Languages, Linguistic Fieldwork, Language Maintenance, and Typology.




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Wivell, Grace B. 2022. “Consonant Acquisition in Lio”. Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America 7 (1): 5266.