Passive vP is not phasal in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian


  • Maša Bešlin University of Maryland



phases, allomorphy, allosemy, agreement, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian


Legate (2003) argues, contra Chomsky 2001, that passive vP is a phase in English. In this paper, I present novel Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian (BCS) data from (i) theme vowel quality, (ii) apparent non-local allomorphy and allosemy, and (iii) agreement to support the claim that passive vP is not phasal in this language. Comparing these findings with Legate’s, I show that those of her diagnostics that can be applied to BCS put BCS passive participles on a par with active verbs, patterning with the English data. This result, I argue, supports the view that Legate’s diagnostics may not be phasehood detectors at all and has consequences for our general understanding of phasehood.

Author Biography

  • Maša Bešlin, University of Maryland
    Department of Linguistics, PhD candidate




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Bešlin, Maša. 2023. “Passive VP Is Not Phasal in Bosnian Croatian Serbian”. Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America 8 (1): 5499.