Recursive and non-recursive tone sandhi domains in Laoling trisyllabic sequences


  • Yi Jen Chen
  • Yuchau E. Hsiao



tone sandhi domain, recursivity, variation, Optimality Theory, Harmonic Serialism, Rank-Ordering model of EVAL


In previous studies, variations of tone sandhi domains of tri-tonal sequences are either recursive or non-recursive domains, differing only in prosodic branching. In Laoling, however, both recursive, e.g., (σ(σσ)), ((σσ)σ), and non-recursive variant domains, e.g., (σ)(σσ), (σσ)(σ), are observed. In traditional Optimality Theory (Prince & Smolensky 1993), such variations cannot be predicted. In this study, we combine Coetzee’s (2006) Rank-Ordering model of Eval with McCarthy’s (2010) Harmonic Serialism and demonstrate how both recursive and non-recursive domains and their varying frequencies can be predicted.




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Chen, Yi Jen, and Yuchau E. Hsiao. 2023. “Recursive and Non-Recursive Tone Sandhi Domains in Laoling Trisyllabic Sequences”. Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America 8 (1): 5512.