Lio kinship terminology


  • Arwen Fluit Stony Brook University
  • Grace B. Wivell Stony Brook University
  • Fransiskus X. Mbete Wolondopo, Indonesia



kinship, alternate generation, Austronesian


This work focuses on kinship terms in Lio, an understudied Austronesian language spoken in Flores, Indonesia. We describe the Lio kinship terms and compare them to available data on other nearby Austronesian languages. Preliminary observations show examples of alternate generation terms which have not been discussed in previous literature. These alternate generation terms are also divided by gender, a quality that has not been discussed in the Central Flores languages literature.

Author Biography

  • Grace B. Wivell, Stony Brook University
    Grace B. Wivell is a PhD Student at Stony Brook University.  Her areas of study include Austronesian Languages, Linguistic Fieldwork, Language Maintenance, and Typology.




How to Cite

Fluit, Arwen, Grace B. Wivell, and Fransiskus X. Mbete. 2023. “Lio Kinship Terminology”. Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America 8 (1): 5577.