Ordering preferences in Ukrainian multiple wh-fronting


  • Ruby Buenrostro San José State University
  • Yining Nie San José State University




wh-questions, multiple wh-fronting, word order, Superiority, Ukrainian, Slavic


We present the first systematic study of ordering restrictions in Ukrainian multiple wh-fronting (MWF) constructions, examining the effects of grammatical relation, case and animacy. Using an acceptability judgment task with pair-list primes, we tested the acceptability of Superiority-obeying and Superiority-violating questions with two wh-arguments. We found that Ukrainian speakers exhibit two distinct patterns with respect to Superiority: one group of speakers accepted Superiority violations while the other did not. Both groups, however, allowed free word order with wh-prepositional phrases and the lexical item ščo ‘what’. We conclude that these two patterns represent two distinct varieties of Ukrainian which differ in Superiority in matrix MWF constructions.




How to Cite

Buenrostro, Ruby, and Yining Nie. 2024. “Ordering Preferences in Ukrainian Multiple Wh-Fronting”. Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America 9 (1): 5661. https://doi.org/10.3765/plsa.v9i1.5661.