Current norms and best practices for collecting and representing sex/gender in linguistics: Towards ethical and inclusive methodologies


  • Cooper Bedin UCSB Linguistics
  • Montreal Benesch Independent scholar
  • Marina Zhukova UCSB Linguistics
  • Lal Zimman UCSB Linguistics



sex/gender, data collection, methodology, human subjects research, data management, sociology of linguistics


Amid changing ideas about sex and gender, there is a growing need to reexamine norms around their operationalization and theorization. This talk presents results from a survey exploring linguists’ practices for collecting information about research participants’ sex/gender. Based on 157 complete responses to date, we explore the popularity of different methods for gathering information about sex/gender and the methodological and theoretical implications of those choices. We closely analyze the way questions around sex/gender are formulated and differences among linguists by subfield, training, identities, and gender politics, and offer best practices for ethical and inclusive approaches.


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Bedin, Cooper, Montreal Benesch, Marina Zhukova, and Lal Zimman. 2024. “Current Norms and Best Practices for Collecting and Representing Sex Gender in Linguistics: Towards Ethical and Inclusive Methodologies”. Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America 9 (1): 5668.