The subject of a stative object experiencer verb is an intensional Cause


  • Youngjin Kim University College London



object experiencer verbs, intensionality, aspectuality, argument structure


In the domain of experiencer verbs, little attention has been paid to the potential intensionality of object experiencer (OE) verbs (but see Cheung & Larson 2015). Relying on diagnostics identified in the literature (Dowty 1979; Schwarz 2020), I argue that the intentionality of OE verbs is correlated with their aspectual properties: they are intensional in their subject when stative but not when eventive. I then consider whether this finding can help us choose between competing theories of the argument structure of OE verbs (Arad 2000; Landau 2010). I will argue that the answer is negative.




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Kim, Youngjin. 2024. “The Subject of a Stative Object Experiencer Verb Is an Intensional Cause”. Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America 9 (1): 5688.