Exploring variation in English and Italian relative clause attachment: The role of coordination


  • So Young Lee Miami University
  • Aniello De Santo University of Utah




coordination, relative clause attachment, parallelism, English, Italian


This study investigates the effect of coordination on the resolution of relative clause attachment ambiguity in English and Italian. We also examined the interplay of RC length and DP positions on attachment preferences in coordinate structures, conducting a partial replication of previous results on English (Hemforth et al. 2015). In two offline force-choice tasks, English speakers favored local attachment, while Italian speakers showed a strong preference for non-local attachment across all conditions. This pattern aligns with established variation across the two languages, but interestingly deviates from earlier reports showing the effects of RC-Head type, RC length, and DP position on attachment decisions. Our findings thus suggest that further attention needs to be paid to the complex interaction of different, potentially understudied, structural factors when investigating disambiguation mechanisms across languages.




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Lee, So Young, and Aniello De Santo. 2024. “Exploring Variation in English and Italian Relative Clause Attachment: The Role of Coordination”. Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America 9 (1): 5710. https://doi.org/10.3765/plsa.v9i1.5710.