Reviving Waccamaw Siouan: Reconciling ethics, Indigenous epistemologies, and colonial data archives




language revitalization, Indigenous language, Siouan languages, decolonial methodologies


In this paper we discuss our strategies for reviving Waccamaw Siouan, a dormant Eastern Siouan language. We first outline and categorize the challenges of reconciling ethical methodologies with colonial data sets and systems, dividing these issues into six general categories. Next, we suggest specific, action-based tenets, in five categories, for dormant language revival; we argue for creative methodological adaptations to centralize Indigenous epistemologies and ethics while dealing with multiple, incomplete sources of archival data and various logistical hurdles. Ultimately, we contribute to ongoing discussions of language revival methodologies in the Americas, and particularly in first point-of-colonial-contact sites. 




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Passmore, Elizabeth, Addie Sayers, Julien Bradley, and Ashley Lomboy. 2024. “Reviving Waccamaw Siouan: Reconciling Ethics, Indigenous Epistemologies, and Colonial Data Archives”. Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America 9 (1): 5717.