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Broselow, Ellen, Stony Brook University
Brotherton, Chloe, University of California, Davis (United States)
Brown, Megan M., Boston University (United States)
Bruening, Benjamin, University of Delaware (United States)
Bryant, Shannon, Harvard University (United States)
Bucholtz, Mary
Buckley, Eugene, University of Pennsylvania (United States)
Bundschuh, John, The Ohio State University (United States)
Bunger, Ann
Burukina, Irina, Eötvös Loránd University & Hungarian Research Centre for Linguistics, ELKH (Hungary)
Buttner, Stephen (United States)


Campbell-Montalvo, Rebecca, University of Connecticut
Carmona, Araceli, California State University Long Beach
Caudal, Patrick
Ceong, Hailey Hyekyeong, University of Victoria (Canada)
Chacón, Dustin Alfonso, University of Minnesota (United States)
Chacón, Dustin A., New York University Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)
Chapman, Cassandra, McMaster University (Canada)
Charity Hudley, Anne H.
Chen, Fulang, MIT
Chen, Jidong, California State University, Fresno
Chen, Run, MIT (United States)
Chen, Sherry Yong, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (United States)
Chen, Yi Jen
Chen, Yiran, University of Pennsylvania
Chen, Yunchuan, Duke University
Chen, Yunchuan, Duke University (United States)
Chen, Zhuo, University of California, Los Angeles
Chong, Adam J., University of California, Los Angeles (United States)
Christensen, Soren, Duke University (United States)
Christiansen, Bethany J., The Ohio State University (United States)
Chun, Elaine
Clark-Joseph, Adam D.
Clear, Abram, William & Mary (United States)
Clem, Emily, University of California, Berkeley (United States)
Cochrane, Leslie, William & Mary (United States)
Cohn, Michelle D., University of California, Davis
Comstock, Lindy, UCLA (United States)
Condoravdi, Cleo
Coppock, Elizabeth, Boston University (United States)
Coppock, Elizabeth, University of Gothenburg (Sweden)
Cournane, Ailí­s
Crabtree, Margaret Ruth, Purdue University (United States)
Craft, J. Hunter, Yale University (United States)
Crosby, Drew, University of South Carolina (United States)


Dąbkowski, Maksymilian, University of California, Berkeley (United States)
Dalola, Amanda, University of South Carolina (United States)
Dalola, Amanda
Dalola, Amanda (United States)
Davidson, Kathryn, Harvard University
Davis, Colin, MIT (United States)
Dawson, Virginia, University of California, Berkeley
de Cuba, Carlos, Kingsborough Community College - CUNY (United States)
de Cuba, Carlos, Kingsborough Community College
De Palma, Paul, Gonzaga University (United States)
de Ruiter, Laura, Tufts University/University of Manchester
Deal, Amy Rose, University of California, Berkeley
Dedvukaj, Lindon, Oakland University (United States)
Degen, Judith, Stanford University (United States)
Demir, Nese, University of California, San Diego
Demszky, Dorottya, Stanford University (United States)
Deprez, Viviane, Rutgers University
Di Sciullo, Anna Maria, University of Quebec in Montreal & New York University (Canada)
Dickerson, Carly
Dickinson, Kendra V., The Ohio State University (United States)
Diewald, Gabriele
Ding, Lydia, Carleton College
Dí­az-Campos, Manuel, Indiana University (United States)
Do, Monica, University of Southern California (United States)
Dockum, Rikker, Swarthmore College
Dockum, Rikker
Dockum, Rikker, Yale University (United States)
Dong, Hongyuan, George Washington University (United States)
Doran, Ryan, University of Regina
dos Santos, Wesley, University of California, Berkeley

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