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Vol 1 (2016) A functional account of grammatical number in English reflexive pronouns Abstract   PDF
Nancy Stern
Vol 2 (2017) A pilot acoustic study of Modern Persian vowels in colloquial speech Abstract   PDF
Robin Aronow, Brian D. McHugh, Tessa Molnar
Vol 2 (2017) A preliminary investigation of the formation of constituent questions in Karata (Nakh-Daghestanian) Abstract   PDF
Jeremy Pasquereau, Rashidat Khalidova
Vol 2 (2017) A unified approach to Tianjin trisyllabic tone sandhi: Metrical conditions and tonal complexity Abstract   PDF
Xiaomei Wang, Yen-Hwei Lin
Vol 1 (2016) Abstraction of phonological representations in adult nonnative speakers Abstract   PDF
Alia Lancaster, Kira Gor
Vol 1 (2016) Additive particles with a built-in Gricean pragmatics Abstract   PDF
Linmin Zhang, Jia Ling
Vol 1 (2016) Against V-to-T-to-C movement in Japanese and Korean non-constituent coordination Abstract   PDF
Ryoichiro Kobayashi
Vol 1 (2016) An acoustic analysis of tone and register in Louma Oeshi Abstract   PDF
Sigrid Lew, James Gruber
Vol 1 (2016) An LFG analysis of pronominal binding in Mandarin Chinese Abstract   PDF
Hongyuan Dong
Vol 2 (2017) Apparent ‘sufficiently similar’ degemination in Catalan is due to coalescence Abstract   PDF
Eric Bakovic
Vol 2 (2017) At-issueness ≠ anaphoric availability Abstract   PDF
Todd Snider
Vol 2 (2017) ‘Grandmas’ in debate: A first-person story told in Taiwan’s presidential debate as a rhetorical device and public reactions to its credibility Abstract   PDF
Ping-Hsuan Wang
Vol 2 (2017) Bilingualism and bimodal code-blending among deaf ASL-English bilinguals Abstract   PDF
Marjorie Herbert, Acrisio Pires
Vol 2 (2017) Building superlatives from property concept expressions Abstract   PDF
Mythili Menon
Vol 2 (2017) Change of state in Kinyarwanda: A study in root meaning Abstract   PDF
Kyle Jerro
Vol 2 (2017) Clause-final particles and focus in Eastern Cham Abstract   PDF
Kenneth Baclawski Jr.
Vol 1 (2016) Consonant effects on tonal registers in Jiashan Wu Abstract   PDF
Bing'er Jiang, Jianjing Kuang
Vol 1 (2016) Cross-linguistic perceptual learning in advanced second language listeners Abstract   PDF
Katharina S. Schuhmann
Vol 2 (2017) Cumulative readings beyond nominals Abstract   PDF
Patrick D. Elliott, Andreea Cristina Nicolae
Vol 2 (2017) Distal demonstratives licensed by culturally-familiar scenarios Abstract   PDF
Ryan Doran, Gregory Ward
Vol 2 (2017) Distributional learning on Mechanical Turk and effects of attentional shifts Abstract   PDF
Emily Moeng
Vol 1 (2016) Effects of musical ear training on lexical tone perception Abstract   PDF
Evan D. Bradley, Janet G. Van Hell
Vol 2 (2017) English comparatives as degree-phrase relative clauses Abstract   PDF
Richard Thomas McCoy
Vol 1 (2016) English inversions as constructional alloforms Abstract   PDF
Betty Birner
Vol 2 (2017) Ergative case assignment in Hindi-Urdu: Evidence from light verb compounds Abstract   PDF
Yash Sinha
Vol 2 (2017) Excrescent stops in American English Abstract   PDF
Cara Feldscher, Karthik Durvasula
Vol 1 (2016) Gender features in pronoun resolution processing in Brazilian Portuguese Abstract   PDF
Michele Alves
Vol 2 (2017) Georgian stem formants and nominalization Abstract   PDF
Gallagher Flinn
Vol 2 (2017) How automatic is convergence? Evidence from working memory Abstract   PDF
Jevon Heath
Vol 2 (2017) How speakers select synthetic and analytic forms of English comparatives: An experimental study Abstract   PDF
Naomi Enzinna
Vol 1 (2016) In your own words: Investigating voice, intertextuality, and credibility of Rachel Jeantel in the George Zimmerman trial Abstract   PDF
Grace Catherine Sullivan
Vol 1 (2016) Indefinite markers, grammaticalization, and language contact phenomena in Chinese Abstract   PDF
Alan Lane Wong
Vol 1 (2016) Intensifiers and image schemas: Schema type determines intensifier type Abstract   PDF
Kevin King
Vol 2 (2017) Island constraints are not the result of sentence processing Abstract   PDF
Helen Goodluck, Frank Tsiwah, Kofi Saah
Vol 2 (2017) Kashaya [asp] assimilation and dissimilation by correspondence Abstract   PDF
Eugene Buckley
Vol 1 (2016) Language Variation Suite: A theoretical and methodological contribution for linguistic data analysis Abstract   PDF
Olga Scrivner, Manuel Díaz-Campos
Vol 2 (2017) Learnability and falsifiability of Construction Grammars Abstract   PDF
Jonathan Dunn
Vol 1 (2016) Learning consequences of derived-environment effects Abstract   PDF
Adam J. Chong
Vol 1 (2016) Linear effects in ATB movement Abstract   PDF
Benjamin Bruening, Eman M. Al Khalaf
Vol 2 (2017) Linguistic discrimination on campus: Ratings of and attitudes toward student writing with African-American English Abstract   PDF
Ho'omana Nathan Andrew Horton
Vol 2 (2017) Migration, local identity and change in Tianjin tone sandhi Abstract   PDF
Xiaomei Wang
Vol 2 (2017) Minangkabau -i: A locative, transitivizing, iterative, adversative suffix Abstract   PDF
Catherine R Fortin, Daniel Brodkin
Vol 1 (2016) On the relationship between argument structure change and semantic change Abstract   PDF
Bethany J. Christiansen, Brian D. Joseph
Vol 1 (2016) Optimizing by accident: A/an allomorphy and glottal stop Abstract   PDF
Marjorie Pak
Vol 1 (2016) Outer/inner morphology: The dichotomy of Japanese renyoo verbs and nouns Abstract   PDF
Mina Sugimura, Miki Obata
Vol 2 (2017) Overriding default interpretations through prosody: Depictive predicates in Brazilian Portuguese Abstract   PDF
Natália Brambatti Guzzo, Heather Goad
Vol 2 (2017) P'urhepecha hyperraising to object: An argument for purely altruistic movement Abstract   PDF
Erik Zyman
Vol 2 (2017) Passivization possibilities in double-accusative constructions Abstract   PDF
Vera Lee-Schoenfeld, Gabriele Diewald
Vol 2 (2017) Perception of Welsh vowel contrasts by Welsh-Spanish bilinguals in Argentina Abstract   PDF
Elise Adrienne Bell
Vol 1 (2016) Possessor extraction in Indonesian-type languages Abstract   PDF
Helen Jeoung
Vol 1 (2016) Prescriptive language attitudes in a dual language elementary school Abstract   PDF
Mary Hudgens Henderson
Vol 2 (2017) Proportional implies relative: A typological universal Abstract   PDF
Elizabeth Coppock, Elizabeth Bogal-Allbritten, Golsa Nouri-Hosseini, Saskia Stiefeling
Vol 2 (2017) Prosody and branching direction of phrasal compounds Abstract   PDF
Hisao Tokizaki
Vol 2 (2017) Raising or control? Children's early get-passives Abstract   PDF
Megan Gotowski
Vol 1 (2016) Ranked ordering sources and embedded modality Abstract   PDF
Drew Reisinger
Vol 2 (2017) Reconstructing sociolinguistic variation Abstract   PDF
Jessica Kantarovich, Lenore A. Grenoble
Vol 2 (2017) Scalar implicature in Chitonga-speaking children Abstract   PDF
Jodi Reich, Kelly Nedwick, Teodora Niculae-Caxi, Yang Liu, Elena L. Grigorenko
Vol 1 (2016) Segmental noun/verb phonotactic differences are productive too Abstract   PDF
Jennifer L. Smith
Vol 2 (2017) Semantic/pragmatic factors affecting the salience of transfer verb arguments Abstract   PDF
Meghan Salomon, Gregory Ward
Vol 1 (2016) Spanish-influenced rhythm in Miami English Abstract   PDF
Naomi Ruth Enzinna
Vol 2 (2017) Speakers’ rapidly-updated expectations influence prosodic realization of information structure Abstract   PDF
Iris Chuoying Ouyang, Sasha Spala, Elsi Kaiser
Vol 2 (2017) Stages of language shift in twentieth-century Inner Mongolia Abstract   PDF
Sarala Puthuval
Vol 1 (2016) Stress assignment in Hittite and Proto-Indo-European Abstract   PDF
Anthony D Yates
Vol 1 (2016) Structural and semantic ambiguity of why-questions: An overlooked case of weak islands in English Abstract   PDF
Cassandra Chapman, Ivona Kučerová
Vol 1 (2016) Subject pronoun expression in Mexican Spanish: ¿Qué pasa en Xalapa? Abstract   PDF
Rafael Orozco
Vol 2 (2017) Syllable weight and duration: A rhyme/intervals comparison Abstract   PDF
Anya Lunden
Vol 1 (2016) The BAD-LAD split: Secondary /æ/-lengthening in Southern Standard British English Abstract   PDF
Thomas Kettig
Vol 2 (2017) The distribution and variation of non-coordinated pronoun case forms in English Abstract   PDF
Tyler Jacob Bui Lemon
Vol 2 (2017) The distribution of advanced tongue root harmony and interior vowels in the Macro-Sudan Belt Abstract   PDF
Nicholas Revett Rolle, Matthew Faytak, Florian Lionnet
Vol 2 (2017) The emergence of Brazilian Portuguese: Earlier evidence for the development of a partial null subject grammar Abstract   PDF
Humberto Borges, Acrisio Pires
Vol 1 (2016) The halting problem Abstract   PDF
Nicholas J. Sobin
Vol 2 (2017) The influence of second language vowels on foreign language vowel perception Abstract   PDF
Anna Balas
Vol 1 (2016) The (non)-projective properties of the Japanese counter-expectational intensifier yoppodo Abstract   PDF
Osamu Sawada
Vol 1 (2016) The role of rhythm in intonational melody: A case study from Fataluku Abstract   PDF
Tyler Heston
Vol 2 (2017) The role of scale structure in the interpretation of contrariety in no-DPs Abstract   PDF
Rachel Szekely
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