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Vol 3 (2018) A compositional approach to conjunct agreement in Turkish Abstract   PDF
Yilmaz Koylu
Vol 3 (2018) A compositional morphosemantic analysis of exclusivity in Ch'ol Abstract   PDF
Carol-Rose Little, Mia Wiegand
Vol 3 (2018) A compounding analysis of plural reduplication Abstract   PDF
Yuta Tatsumi
Vol 1 (2016) A functional account of grammatical number in English reflexive pronouns Abstract   PDF
Nancy Stern
Vol 3 (2018) A Japanese pitch accent practice program and L1 influence on pitch accent acquisition Abstract   PDF
Jeff Peterson
Vol 2 (2017) A pilot acoustic study of Modern Persian vowels in colloquial speech Abstract   PDF
Robin Aronow, Brian D. McHugh, Tessa Molnar
Vol 2 (2017) A preliminary investigation of the formation of constituent questions in Karata (Nakh-Daghestanian) Abstract   PDF
Jeremy Pasquereau, Rashidat Khalidova
Vol 3 (2018) A Q-theoretic approach to distinctive subsegmental timing Abstract   PDF
Karee Garvin, Myriam Lapierre, Sharon Inkelas
Vol 2 (2017) A unified approach to Tianjin trisyllabic tone sandhi: Metrical conditions and tonal complexity Abstract   PDF
Xiaomei Wang, Yen-Hwei Lin
Vol 1 (2016) Abstraction of phonological representations in adult nonnative speakers Abstract   PDF
Alia Lancaster, Kira Gor
Vol 1 (2016) Additive particles with a built-in Gricean pragmatics Abstract   PDF
Linmin Zhang, Jia Ling
Vol 3 (2018) Against non-reference-tracking theories of switch-reference Abstract   PDF
Emily Clem
Vol 3 (2018) Against the universal phasehood of nP: Evidence from the morphosyntax of book titles Abstract   PDF
David Erschler
Vol 1 (2016) Against V-to-T-to-C movement in Japanese and Korean non-constituent coordination Abstract   PDF
Ryoichiro Kobayashi
Vol 1 (2016) An acoustic analysis of tone and register in Louma Oeshi Abstract   PDF
Sigrid Lew, James Gruber
Vol 3 (2018) An argument for ezafe constructions and construct state in Zulu Abstract   PDF
Taylor Jones
Vol 1 (2016) An LFG analysis of pronominal binding in Mandarin Chinese Abstract   PDF
Hongyuan Dong
Vol 3 (2018) An Optimality Theoretic analysis of vowel harmony in Kazan Tatar Abstract   PDF
Cassidy Henry
Vol 2 (2017) Apparent ‘sufficiently similar’ degemination in Catalan is due to coalescence Abstract   PDF
Eric Bakovic
Vol 2 (2017) At-issueness ≠ anaphoric availability Abstract   PDF
Todd Snider
Vol 2 (2017) ‘Grandmas’ in debate: A first-person story told in Taiwan’s presidential debate as a rhetorical device and public reactions to its credibility Abstract   PDF
Ping-Hsuan Wang
Vol 2 (2017) Bilingualism and bimodal code-blending among deaf ASL-English bilinguals Abstract   PDF
Marjorie Herbert, Acrisio Pires
Vol 2 (2017) Building superlatives from property concept expressions Abstract   PDF
Mythili Menon
Vol 2 (2017) Change of state in Kinyarwanda: A study in root meaning Abstract   PDF
Kyle Jerro
Vol 3 (2018) Children’s use of prosody and word order to indicate information status in English noun phrase conjuncts Abstract   PDF
Laura de Ruiter, Bhuvana Narasimhan, Jidong Chen, Jonah Lack
Vol 2 (2017) Clause-final particles and focus in Eastern Cham Abstract   PDF
Kenneth Baclawski Jr.
Vol 3 (2018) Comprehending anaphoric presuppositions involves memory retrieval too Abstract   PDF
Sherry Yong Chen, E. Matthew Husband
Vol 1 (2016) Consonant effects on tonal registers in Jiashan Wu Abstract   PDF
Bing'er Jiang, Jianjing Kuang
Vol 3 (2018) Contradictory (forward) lifetime effects and the non-future tense in Mandarin Chinese Abstract   PDF
Sherry Yong Chen, E. Matthew Husband
Vol 3 (2018) Covert reflexive argument in inalienable relational nouns Abstract   PDF
Alan Hezao Ke, Acrisio Pires
Vol 1 (2016) Cross-linguistic perceptual learning in advanced second language listeners Abstract   PDF
Katharina S. Schuhmann
Vol 2 (2017) Cumulative readings beyond nominals Abstract   PDF
Patrick D. Elliott, Andreea Cristina Nicolae
Vol 3 (2018) Deriving the distributivity potential of adjectives via measurement theory Abstract   PDF
Lelia Glass
Vol 3 (2018) Differential objects and other structural objects Abstract   PDF
Monica Alexandrina Irimia
Vol 2 (2017) Distal demonstratives licensed by culturally-familiar scenarios Abstract   PDF
Ryan Doran, Gregory Ward
Vol 2 (2017) Distributional learning on Mechanical Turk and effects of attentional shifts Abstract   PDF
Emily Moeng
Vol 3 (2018) Durational cues to stress, final lengthening, and the perception of rhythm Abstract   PDF
Anya Lunden
Vol 3 (2018) Effects of grammatical roles and topicality on Vietnamese referential form production Abstract   PDF
Binh Ngo, Elsi Kaiser
Vol 1 (2016) Effects of musical ear training on lexical tone perception Abstract   PDF
Evan D. Bradley, Janet G. Van Hell
Vol 3 (2018) Effects of syllable onset on the timing of pitch accent in Belgrade Serbian Abstract   PDF
Robin Karlin
Vol 3 (2018) Embedding, covert movement, and intervention in Kathmandu Newari Abstract   PDF
Borui Zhang, Dustin Alfonso Chacón
Vol 3 (2018) Emphatic fingerspelling as code-mixing in American Sign Language Abstract   PDF
Kathryn Montemurro, Diane Brentari
Vol 2 (2017) English comparatives as degree-phrase relative clauses Abstract   PDF
Richard Thomas McCoy
Vol 1 (2016) English inversions as constructional alloforms Abstract   PDF
Betty Birner
Vol 3 (2018) English negative concord and double negation: The division of labor between syntax and pragmatics Abstract   PDF
Frances Blanchette, Marianna Nadeu, Jeremy Yeaton, Viviane Deprez
Vol 2 (2017) Ergative case assignment in Hindi-Urdu: Evidence from light verb compounds Abstract   PDF
Yash Sinha
Vol 3 (2018) Evidence of a configurational structure in Meskwaki Abstract   PDF
Paul A. Morris
Vol 2 (2017) Excrescent stops in American English Abstract   PDF
Cara Feldscher, Karthik Durvasula
Vol 3 (2018) Experimental support for a one-step model of phoneme acquisition Abstract   PDF
Emily Moeng
Vol 3 (2018) Featural definition of syntactic positions: Evidence from hyper-raising Abstract   PDF
Suzana Fong
Vol 3 (2018) Focus prosody in Japanese reconsidered Abstract   PDF
Shinobu Mizuguchi, Koichi Tateishi
Vol 1 (2016) Gender features in pronoun resolution processing in Brazilian Portuguese Abstract   PDF
Michele Alves
Vol 3 (2018) Generalized head movement Abstract   PDF
Karlos Arregi, Asia Pietraszko
Vol 2 (2017) Georgian stem formants and nominalization Abstract   PDF
Gallagher Flinn
Vol 3 (2018) Head movement and allomorphy in children's negative questions Abstract   PDF
Marjorie Pak
Vol 3 (2018) Hindi nominal suffixes are bimorphemic: A Distributed Morphology analysis Abstract   PDF
Yash Sinha
Vol 2 (2017) How automatic is convergence? Evidence from working memory Abstract   PDF
Jevon Heath
Vol 2 (2017) How speakers select synthetic and analytic forms of English comparatives: An experimental study Abstract   PDF
Naomi Enzinna
Vol 1 (2016) In your own words: Investigating voice, intertextuality, and credibility of Rachel Jeantel in the George Zimmerman trial Abstract   PDF
Grace Catherine Sullivan
Vol 1 (2016) Indefinite markers, grammaticalization, and language contact phenomena in Chinese Abstract   PDF
Alan Lane Wong
Vol 3 (2018) Inherent case in Archaic Chinese Abstract   PDF
Edith Aldridge
Vol 1 (2016) Intensifiers and image schemas: Schema type determines intensifier type Abstract   PDF
Kevin King
Vol 3 (2018) Interpretations of VP anaphora through reference to salient events Abstract   PDF
Kanan Luce, Jeffrey Geiger, Christopher Kennedy, Ming Xiang
Vol 3 (2018) Inverse scope and unaccusativity alternation Abstract   PDF
Satoshi Oku
Vol 3 (2018) Investigating a possible “musician advantage” for speech-in-speech perception: The role of f0 separation Abstract   PDF
Michelle D Cohn
Vol 2 (2017) Island constraints are not the result of sentence processing Abstract   PDF
Helen Goodluck, Frank Tsiwah, Kofi Saah
Vol 2 (2017) Kashaya [asp] assimilation and dissimilation by correspondence Abstract   PDF
Eugene Buckley
Vol 3 (2018) Language profile and syntactic change in two multilingual communities Abstract   PDF
Ariana Bancu
Vol 1 (2016) Language Variation Suite: A theoretical and methodological contribution for linguistic data analysis Abstract   PDF
Olga Scrivner, Manuel Díaz-Campos
Vol 2 (2017) Learnability and falsifiability of Construction Grammars Abstract   PDF
Jonathan Dunn
Vol 1 (2016) Learning consequences of derived-environment effects Abstract   PDF
Adam J. Chong
Vol 1 (2016) Linear effects in ATB movement Abstract   PDF
Benjamin Bruening, Eman M. Al Khalaf
Vol 2 (2017) Linguistic discrimination on campus: Ratings of and attitudes toward student writing with African-American English Abstract   PDF
Ho'omana Nathan Andrew Horton
Vol 3 (2018) Linguistics and race: An interdisciplinary approach towards an LSA statement on race Abstract   PDF
Anne H. Charity Hudley, Christine Mallinson, Mary Bucholtz, Nelson Flores, Nicole Holliday, Elaine Chun, Arthur Spears
Vol 3 (2018) Mandarin Chinese sentence final de as a marker of private evidence Abstract   PDF
Hooi Ling Soh
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