A unified analysis of the same, phrasal comparatives, and superlatives

Carl Jesse Pollard, Elizabeth Allyn Smith


We present a unified categorial analysis of several types of English comparative, superlative, and THE SAME/DIFFERENT (S/D) sentences, thereby accounting for parallels among these constructions first noted in Heim ms. Our analysis, couched in a linear-logic-based from of categorial grammar along the lines of Oehrle 1994, builds on the basic insights underlying Barker's (2007) `parasitic scope' analysis of internal readings of THE SAME, but is simpler and more general than Barker's. Ours is also the first unified analysis of all three kinds of phenomena. Our analysis of phrasal comparatives captures their essential similarity to associate-remnant S/D constructions such as ANNA READ THE SAME BOOK AS BILL.


THE SAME; phrasal comparative; superlative; parasitic scope; continuation; associate; remnant; tucking-in

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.3765/salt.v22i0.2655

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