From think to remember: how CPs and NPs combine with attitudes in Buryat

Tatiana Bondarenko


In this paper I investigate a case of factivity alternation in Barguzin Buryat
(Mongolic): the verb hanaxa is naturally translated as ‘think’ when it combines with
finite CP clauses, but as ‘remember’ when it combines with nominalized clauses.
I argue that the ‘remember’ meaning is a result of a pre-existence presupposition
associated with the verb’s Theme argument: it is presupposed that the Theme exists
prior to the event described by the verb. I propose that the factivity alternation
arises due to the different ways in which CPs and nominal expressions combine
with the verb semantically: while nominals saturate the Theme argument which has
the pre-existence presupposition associated with it, CPs combine by modifying the
event argument of the verb (Kratzer 2013, 2016; Elliott 2017).

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