Stratal OT and Underspecification: Evidence from Tundra Nenets

Peter Staroverov, Darya Kavitskaya


Tundra Nenets exhibits many consonantal alternations, such as cluster simplification, place loss, lenition, and a variety of NC-effects, which combine transparent and opaque interactions within the same phrasal domain of application. To reconcile the Tundra Nenets data within Stratal OT, we assume abstract autosegmental representations, relying on underspecification and hierarchical organization of features. The analysis incorporates the proposal of McCarthy (2008) that consonant cluster simplification starts with place loss. Apparent opaque deletion mappings are reanalyzed as coalescence within the correspondence theory (McCarthy and Prince 1995; 1999). The analysis unifies Tundra Nenets consonant cluster alternations and assumes only one surface glottal stop.


underspecification; opacity; coalescence; Stratal OT

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