When the Local Minimum is not Enough: Incorporating Lexical Selection into Harmonic Serialism

Miranda K. McCarvel


This paper argues that Harmonic Serialism must include the lexical listing of allomorphs to fully account for certain cases of phonologically conditioned allomorphy. The variation seen in the Jersey Norman French (Jèrriais) plural definite article presents problems for Harmonic Serialism and Harmonic Serialism with Optimal Interleaving unless Lexical Selection is adopted. I propose the incorporation of Lexical Selection into the Harmonic Serialism framework, which I term HS/LS. To account for phonologically conditioned allomorphy in the Jèrriais plural definite article, I propose and HS/LS analysis where allomorphs are lexically listed and partially ordered.


Harmonic Serialism; Lexical Selection; Phonologically Conditioned Allomorphy; Jèrriais; Jersey Norman French

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.3765/amp.v2i0.3768

Copyright (c) 2016 Miranda K. McCarvel

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