Revisiting Tone Sandhi Domain in Xiamen Chinese

Yaqing Cao


The tone sandhi domain in Xiamen Chinese was examined to demonstrate that Match gives a much elegant explanation than Align/Wrap because it allows for subcategorization. MATCHNONMIN and MATCHMAX, when interacting with general MATCHSP, are enough to predict the tone sandhi domain in Xiamen Chinese. Align/Wrap, on the other hand, needs a prosodic well-formedness constraint such as BINARITY to dominate Align/Wrap. Altogether, we take this as a piece of evidence for the richer and fine-grained prosodic subcategorizations.The comparison between Match and Align/Wrap is conducted in the SPOT and the automatic evaluation of all the possible candidates is done in the OTworkplace. 


Xiamen Chinese; Tone Sandhi Domain; Match; Align/Wrap

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