Compositional Analysis of Turkish Agent Nominalizers

Furkan Atmaca


I propose analyses for the Turkish agent nominalizers -(y)IcI and -CI. I modify the denotation for the Sakha agent nominalizer -AAccI (Baker & Vinokurova 2009) because the denotation for -AAccI formally allows for readings that are unattainable by -(y)IcI in Turkish. I change the domain of the suffix's denotation and the unattainable reading is rendered out. The analysis for -CI makes use of indices from the context and arrives at a relation to be established between the base and the derived nouns. I use context dependent readings to argue for using context dependent indices. Both analyses have the compositional properties of pseudo-incorporation to account for the non-referential readings of the internal argument in -(y)IcI and the noun base for -CI.


Turkish; agent nominalizers; derivation; formal semantics

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