Variable Conjunct Agreement in Qaraqalpaq

Sarah Jane Asinari, Si Kai Lee


This paper examines a unique Variable Conjunct Agreement (VCA) pattern in Qaraqalpaq. In this language, the second or third person pronoun can undergo conjunct agreement with the verb from either the first or last conjunct. This agreement pattern is disrupted in the presence of any first person pronoun, regardless of whether the pronoun is within the ConjP. We use a multidominant structure to represent coordination in Qaraqalpaq. We propose that a \emph{Speaker} head is required to merge the ConjP with the rest of the structure. This Speaker head is also required to license the [+Speaker] feature of the first person pronoun. This competition prevents first person pronouns and VCA from co-occurring in the same sentence; the only possibility in the relevant cases is full subject agreement.


Qaraqalpaq; First Conjunct Agreement; Last Conjunct Agreement; multidominance; late parallel merge

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